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Sad to hear today that Roy Harvey died yesterday on 30th June 2018.

Roy was a stalwart member of the Hereford Parachute Club and will be remembered by many members.

Further details will follow if they are sent to me.

RiP Roy and Blue Skies..



Just received some sad news about Mick Reeves a former instructor at the club in the 1960's. Mick passed aay in South Africa in April 2018.

RiP Mick.

Staff Sergeant Mick Reeves, Mac's second in command, was awarded the George Medal for saving the life of a student who had static line hang-up at Halfpenny Green in 1966. As jumpmaster, Mick Reeves climbed down the line, cutting it free, free-falling with the student and deploying his reserve. Both landed safely.



The Hereford Parachute Club was first established in 1963  by the 22nd SAS Regiment based in Hereford, Herefordshire, UK. This was at the request from civilian residents in Hereford who wished to start sport parachuting and the club was formed at  Shobdon Airfield, Hereford.

The club operated part-time until 1976 when it changed over to full time operation and continued to do so until it finished operation’s at Shobdon in 1990 and moved to Staverton Airfield in Gloucester and operated a split Drop Zone.

The club again was now part time and continued until it finally closed down in 1992. Over the many years that it operated, it trained 1000’s of civilians to make their first jump and in its hay-day of the early 1980’s was training 3000 person’s a year to parachute. Many of these continued in the sport and went on further into, freefall, RW, CRW, Base jumping and had careers such as photography in Skydiving.

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This photo pinched off Ian McLaren's website. Fair exchange is no robbery.

It shows the once orchard now a large gravel pit.


Shobdon 1986   © Les Kaye


Photo taken by an un-named parachutist

(who was it? perhaps Ian Robinson of the Swansea club)


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New - photo's of Shobdon airfield as it is today, see Shobdon Airfield page

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